Intelligent Sensor

Timmer pneumatische Leimpumpe D3
This intelligent sensor is a further development of the conventional magnetic sensor, which also offers various additional functions.

In addition, it is the connecting link between a double diaphragm pump or electrical piston pump and the IoT technology.

Alternatively, you can read-out this sensor offline via USB adapter.

Intelligent Sensor

Functions Timmer Intelligent Sensor Conventional Sensor
Stroke recording
Namur switching output
(compatible with NAMUR isolating switch amplifiers)
Fully integrable into the pump housing
Resettable & continuous stroke counter
Variable switching point adjustment
(intelligent adjustment of the switching point)
Serial number assignment of the pump
(clear assignment of sensor and pump)
Strain relief
Variable position of the plug
(on request)
Operating data storage
(Ø-stroke frequency, frequency histogram, Stroke summation counter*)

* ** Readable outside the Ex environment by means of a Timmer reading device (USB adapter, article no. 53507661)
and associated software. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an implementation of real-time transmission of the stored data into your PLC.

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