Double Diaphragm Pumps


High-class quality for the highest exigencies

Long durability, even under extreme conditions, a reliable start, as well as an excellent process of the pump were key points in the development of the PTI-MEM Pump-Family. This leads to the optimization of the entire process and cause a significant reduction of system downtimes.

The reduction of maintenance costs and the lower necessity of maintenance are another advantages that our pumps offer in comparison with other systems. The extremely lower pulsations and a process starting from 0.5 bar cause an additional optimization of power. The extremely compact design allows an easy integration into existing or new systems. The ATEX approval allows its use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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Your Advantages:

Reliable start system and high functionality of the pump
due to the innovative and low-wear ceramic valve. Ensuring a safe-start of the pump starting from 0.5 bar

Optimal cleaning performance
due to the “CIP” short-stroke membrane and the optimized position of valves. Allowing a further reduction in paint and detergent

Fast color changes
by spring-loaded media valves and a high flushing frequency

Increased service life
through PTFE / NBR short-stroke membranes. (Other membrane versions available on request)

Reduction of maintenance costs and effort
through a significant reduction in wearing parts and customer-oriented maintenance sets.

Easy to use
due to the intuitive design of the pump

Personalized assembly in existing systems
through compact design and individual adapted positioning.

Easy integration of the pump in existing process
through an optional stroke counting (ATEX-Conform). Allowing parameters such as flow rate, pump frequency and monitoring of the pump. System-relevant factors such as process changes and definition of individual maintenance cycles can also be implemented.

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Timmer pumps are in accordance with the ATEX directive.

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Stroke Counting

As an option and with customer’s request Timmer double diaphragm pumps can be supplied with a magnetic sensor for stroke counting

The stroke count is also possible for the entire ATEX gamut:

The signal from the sensor enables the following evaluations in conjunction with a connected controller:

  • Frequency monitoring
  • Stroke counting
  • Calculation of flow rate
  • Monitoring of the pump function
  • Detection of process changes
  • Display of maintenance intervals
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Timmer Double Diaphragm Pumps are available in stainless steel, aluminum and PPS.

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Different variants available:

  • Inline version
  • with skip valves, or
  • with media valves

See all the advantages of the Timmer Double Diaphragm Pumps in this video:

Model Variants:

Timmer Doppelmembranpumpe PTI-MEM1060
1/2 inch version
Timmer Double Diaphragm Pump (pneumatic)
Type PTI-MEM1060-VA


1/2 inch version
Timmer Double Diaphragm Pump (pneumatic)
Type PTI-MEM1060-AL

Timmer Doppelmembranpumpe PTI-MEM1060
1/2 inch version
Timmer Double Diaphragm Pump (pneumatic)
Type PTI-MEM1060-PP


1 in. version

Timmer Double Diaphragm Pump (pneumatic)
Type PTI-MEM1150-VA

Timmer Doppelmembranpumpe PTI-MEM1150-VA

1 in. version

Timmer Double Diaphragm Pump (pneumatic)
Type PTI-MEM1150-AL

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