Double Diaphragm Pumps 1:1
for the chemical industry

Easy installation

Easy replacement of the valve balls without dismounting the side cover or the unperforated diaphragms.Special tools are not required for mounting / dismounting. Only 4 sealing rings are installed on the media side.

Reduced compressed air costs

Optimised geometries with minimal dead spaces, as well as the extremely low start-up pressures <0.7 bar, reduce energy consumption to a minimum.

Maximisation of service life

The ceramic slide valve that is used works virtually free of wear. The short-stroke principle prevents over-extension of the diaphragm and thus enables a long service life.

Minimal maintenance costs

The durable short-stroke diaphragms, the low-wear ceramic slide valve and the maintenance-friendly structure of the pump guarantee extremely low service costs.

Increased process reliability

Safe start-up of the pump is ensured, even in critical operating situations. The bistable, over-centre valve prevents problematic intermediate positions of the control valve.

Minimum pulsation

Minimal changeover times in conjunction with the short-stroke principle of the pumps reduce pulsation to a minimum and ensure a more uniform media flow.


Timmer pumps are in accordance with the ATEX directive.

Material design

Timmer Double Diaphragm Pumps are available in PTFE and PE versions.


A G 3/4 “thread version is also available as an option.

max. 60 l/min

Double Diaphragm Pump tim®CHEM (pneumatic)
type PTI-MEM5060V

max. 150 i/min

Double Diaphragm Pump tim®CHEM (pneumatic)
type PTI-MEM5150V

max. 600 l/min


Double Diaphragm Pump tim®CHEM (pneumatic)
type PTI-MEM5600V

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