Back Pressure Regulator


Timmer pneumatische Leimpumpe D3

Flow simulation of Back Pressure Regulators


timECO - Timmer Materialstaudruckregler mit geringer Scherbelastung - Schema

Timmer Back Pressure Regulator

extremely low shear
konventioneller Materialstaudruckregler - hohe Scherbelastung - Schema

conventional Back Pressure Regulator

high shear stress


Timmer Leimpumpe Typ D3 mit Heizung - Artikelnummer 54005000
Back Pressure Regulator (pneumatically controllable)

Art.-No. 53504050


  • Extremely low shear
  • Easy flushing
  • Slight color carryover
  • Compact design allows installation in small spaces
  • Individual positioning possible due to missing
    predetermined installation or flow direction
  • Connections individually selectable
    respectively exchangeable
  • 1:1 exchange with old devices of other manufacturers
    possible (according to the connection dimensions)

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